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Saxon Flood Centre

The flood information & alert service in the Free State of Saxony is headed by the Saxon Flood Centre based in the Saxon State Agency for Environment and Geology. The Saxon Flood Centre is responsible for flood information and early warning for all main rivers in Saxony. It provides relevant flood information directly to each authority with flood defence responsibilities as well as to any third parties (private persons) with particular risk of flooding.

The following information products are automatically delivered to the recipients when defined alarm stages (flood level thresholds) are reached:

  • Flood levels,
  • Flood warnings / all-clear messages and
  • Flood flash messages via SMS.
The reporting and information chain for flood related messages in Saxony.

The reporting and information chain for flood related messages in Saxony.

The following input data are being received regularly:

  • Up-to-date readings of more than 100 flood level gauges
  • Precipitation and thaw forecasts of the German Meteorological Service (DWD)
  • Flows and water levels of reservoirs provided by the State Dam Monitoring Centre
  • Relevant hydrological and meteorological data for the river Obere Elbe and its tributaries in the Czech Republic are provided by the Czech Hydro-Meteorological Institute.

The whole flood information system contains:

  • An automatic flood level and precipitation data recall unit 
  • An information management system (database)
  • Forecasting models for the rivers Obere Elbe, Schwarze Elster, Mulde, Weiße Elster, Spree and Lausitzer Neiße
  • A public internet platform
  • An automatic information distributor




Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology

Saxon Flood Centre

Uwe Höhne

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