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Flood Information

Flood levels
are up-to-date readings that are distributed automatically by more than 100 high-water level gauges when defined alarm stages (flood level thresholds) are reached.

Flood warnings/all-clear messages
mean evaluated data on imminent flood risks in connection with status and trend information on the meteorological and hydrological situation.

Flood flash messages
are provided via SMS for immediate information on starting or worsening flood risks. Receipt of the information must be acknowledged within one hour, otherwise the responsible supervising authority will receive a message flow error feedback for possible irregularities or improper flow of information.

All flood messages and warnings are constantly available on the information platform of the Saxon Flood Centre. The platform issues also current water levels and flow rates from flood level gauges.




Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology

Saxon Flood Centre

Uwe Höhne

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