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University of Wrocław, Institute of Geography and Regional Development, Department of Climatology and Atmosphere Protection

University of Wrocław, Main building

University of Wrocław, Main building. photo:  commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AUniwersytet_Wroc%C5%82awski%2C_d._Kolegium_Jezuickie.jpg, by Katie, (licensed by CC-BY-SA-3.0-pl)

Founded by Leopold I Habsburg in 1702, the University of Wrocław evolved from a modest school run by Jesuits into one of the biggest academic institutions in Poland. Today, the first and foremost focus of the University of Wrocław is scientific research. The university has numerous links with fellow researchers from other higher education institutions in Poland and throughout the world. The University of Wrocław is the largest university in the region and teaches over 40.000 students and around 1.300 doctoral students at 10 faculties. 9.000 students graduate from the university every year.

The Department of Climatology and Atmosphere Protection at the University of Wrocław examines the regional climate and climate impacts on the environment, including research in the following fields:

  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of precipitation and air pollution with focus particularly on mountain ecosystems
  • Impacts of climatic factors on the stability of mountain ecosystems
  • Modelling of emission and deposition of air pollutants on a regional and national scale (development and application of models FRAME and WRF)
  • Spatial analysis and modelling of climatic conditions using modern measurement equipment and GIS tools
  • Monitoring of the boundary layer of the atmosphere, emissions of pollutants and the biometeorological conditions in Wrocław
  • Dynamics of climate processes in cave systems with different environmental characteristics
  • Impacts of climate change on the environment in the polar regions
  • Climate trends in Poland, Europe and the polar zones

The University of Wrocław assumes the following tasks in the KLAPS project:

  • Modelling of air pollutant concentrations and depositions with the FRAME model
  • Modelling and calculation of agro-meteorological indices
  • Knowledge transfer

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