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Target groups

The supra-regional impacts of extreme weather conditions on society and environment in the Polish-Saxon border area became significantly apparent by the "hot summer of 2003" as well as the Elbe river floods in 2002 and 2013, and the Odra river floods in 1997 and 2010. Since the early 1990s, numerous extreme weather events were observed, which led to new and partially unanswered questions in the field of climate diagnosis. Since various extreme weather events intensify the public perception of climate change, the demand for information is increasing.

The KLAPS project provides information about recent, medium-term and long-term climate change in the Polish-Saxon border  region, as well as air pollution in the project area and load limits of ecosystems. Target groups of the project are

  • public authorities of agriculture, forestry, fisheries,
  • local administrations,
  • planning institutions and companies,
  • universities,
  • schools,
  • local interest groups and associations,
  • tourism organizations,
  • spa administrations,
  • local and specific media organs to spread information,
  • local population,
  • the Euro-regions “Neisse” and “Spree-Neisse-Bóbr” and
  • interested public.
Final Conference Görlitz, 12.06.2014, photo: Michaela Surke

Final Conference Görlitz, 12.06.2014, photo: Michaela Surke