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Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - National Research Institute (IMGW-PIB), Wrocław branch

Sniezka - Meteorological Observatory of IMGW

Sniezka - Meteorological Observatory of IMGW, photo: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3ASchronisko_Sniezka.JPG, by Lovecz (public domain)

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - National Research Institute (IMGW-PIB) is a research-development unit. The Institute, within the framework of the statutory work, conducts state hydrological and meteorological services and state service for dam facilities. It also carries out research and implementation works. The State Hydrological and Meteorological Service (PSHM), carried out by the IMGW-PIB, constantly provides current information about the condition of the atmosphere and hydrosphere, and provides forecasts and warnings to the state authorities, society and national economy.

Research and development work are focused on a scientific base of observations and data processing, numerical modelling in meteorology and hydrology and the use of radar and satellite data. It also includes water engineering and water management. IMGW-PIB units carry out research on:

  • climatology
  • actinometry
  • aerology
  • agrometeorology
  • air pollution
  • meteorological and hydrological forecasting
  • oceanography
  • water engineering and
  • water management.

The main goal of the Institute’s activity is to fulfill the needs of the society, national economy, state defense. It is provided with the tasks of research, development, implementation works and maintenance of the measuring-observational network, observations and measurements, and carrying out forecasts and surveys.

The statutory task of the IMGW-PIB Wrocław branch is hydrological-meteorological protection in the region of Odra river basin, in the range up to the Słubice level. In South-West Poland, the Wrocław Branch carries out national services concerning meteorology and hydrology as well as radioactive pollution and water quality monitoring. It also deals with research - scientific works are connected with the influence of precipitation on natural environment.

The IMGW-PIB, Wrocław branch assumes the following tasks in the KLAPS project:

  • Modelling and calculation of bioclimatic indices
  • Calculation of wet deposition based on monitoring data
  • Knowledge transfer

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Institute of Meteorology and Water management – National Research Institute, Wrocław branch

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